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Numerology is an ancient science of numbers, Babylonians found out that each day of a month contains a particular planetary vibration (electro-magnetic wave emitted from planet) and characterized the behaviour of each and every day according to the planetary vibration, Thus they assigned numbers from 1 to 9 to planets. The birth of numerology can be traced back to 5000 yrs back, The babylonians were the first to discover this unique science and hence the Chaldean Numerology was the oldest form of all. When Alexander conquered Babylon, Babylonian scriptures were stolen and were modified by pythagorus to form Pythagorean System of Numerology. Numerology is one of the major form of divination which is widely used in the world. But only 1 % of world’s numerologist’s follow Chaldean Numerology System which is the undisputed best and original system.

Can Numerology help us to lead a successful and better life?

Certainly, With a proper name numerology, one can get all the desired success in the field they want. Most people are skeptic about Numerology only because they have either not understood the science behind it or they have learn it in wrong place. The wonders of numerology can be witnessed in almost in all our daily lives. In my 10 years of research about Numerology, I have discovered many scientific principles that governs Numerology and i have published those for the welfare of the public in my blog. There are numbers from 1 to 108 in numerology, and there are seperate numbers in numerology to become a successful actor, politician, business man, artist, or a martial arts fighter or even a farmer ( I have given numerous examples of Successful people and their numerology numbers in my blog which you can go through) . A person’s innermost desire can be fulfilled by applying the science of numerology in his life. .

How does a Numerology Reading differs from an Astrology Reading?

Astrology predicts events and occurences in one’s life, Through astrology one can find out the possibility of an event happening in one’s life, But a Numerology Reading can determine and also influence the outcome of the event. This is where Numerology stands very useful and superior to astrology. Using Numerology, one can change their life situations and prospects into win-win and a happy situation. In short term, one can be masters of their own destiny using Numerology, whereas astrology can be used only to gain insights in their life. An astrologer does’nt need to know Numerology, but a true Numerologist should very well know astrology concepts. Both metaphysical sciences rely on a common principle, but a true Numerologist should also analyze one’s birth chart and then give out the best numerological name. Most numerologist fail to know this basic truth and eventually they fail.
Even if one has a bad planetary influence in their horosocope or malefic affliction, those planetary ill influences can be neutralized through numerology. Business Losses, Health Problems, Personal Failure, Marriage Failure, Infertility are all caused by bad planetary influence in ones horoscope. Such problems have been completely erased by giving the proper numerology name. People who had come with such problems have experienced a complete change in their life after taking a numerology consultation.

Concept Of Numerology

Many people have asked me about the root concept behind numerology, like astrology, even numerology has its base concept in planets. The nine planets that revolves around Sun and the twenty seven constellations around its orbit are the culprits behind the scenes.
It was the Greeks, who first discovered that earth was receiving electromagnetic waves from foreign bodies which cannot be seen through naked eyes, later that the planets orbiting the sun produces their respective EM Waves which directly influence the life organisms in planet earth. Not only planets, but each and every body, whether its living or non living thing, emits a certain Electromagnetic wave whose wavelength differs.  Thats why the thought waves of a person has an immense power to influence people around him.
When the Greeks were investigating about the different kinds of electromagnetic waves emitted by the planets, they found out a pattern in which each specific day contained a predominant amount of electromagnetic wave emitted by a certain planet(s). As a result of their investigation, they found out this amazing pattern.
Date – 1 – In this day, Earth is filled with Electromagnetic energy of Planet Sun
Date 2 – EM energy of moon is found in earth in this day
Date 3 – EM energy of Jupiter is abundant in this day
Date 4 – EM energy of North Node is present in this day
Date 5 – EM energy of Mercury is present in this day
Date 6 – EM energy of Venus is Present in this day
Date 7 – EM energy of South Node is Present in this day
Date 8 – EM energy of Saturn is Present in this day
Date 9 – EM energy of Mars is Present in this day
Date 10 – 10 times EM energy of Sun is Present in this day
Date 11 – 10 times EM energy of Moon is present in this day
Date 12 – EM energy of Sun,Moon and Jupiter is Present in this day
Date 13 – EM energy of Sun,Jupiter and North Node is Present in this day
Date 14 – EM energy of Sun,North node (Rahu) and Mercury is Present in this day
Date 15 – EM energy of Sun,Mercury and Venus is Present in this day
Date 16 – EM energy of Sun,Venus and South Node (Ketu) in this day
Date 17 – EM energy of Sun,South Node (Ketu) and Saturn is Present in this day
Date 18 – EM energy of Sun,Saturn, and Mars is Present in this day
Date 19 – EM energy of Sun and Mars is Present in this day
Date 20 -  Twenty times EM energy of Moon is Present in this day
Date 21 – EM energy of Moon, Sun and Jupiter is Present in this day
Date 22 – EM energy of Moon, North Node is Present in this day
Date 23 – EM energy of Moon, Jupiter and Mercury is Present in this day
Date 24 – EM energy of Moon, North Node and Venus is Present in this day
Date 25 – EM energy of Moon, Mercury and South Node is Present in this day
Date 26 – EM energy of Moon, Venus and Saturn is Present in this day
Date 27 – EM energy of Moon, South Node and Mars is Present in this day
Date 28 – EM energy of Moon, Saturn and Sun is Present in this day
Date 29 – EM energy of Moon, and Mars is Present in this day
Date 30 -Thirty Times  EM energy of Jupiter is Present in this day
Date 31 – EM energy of Jupiter,Sun and North Node  is Present in this day.
This is how dates were born, based on the energies emitted seven planets including north node and south node.
All the nine kinds of electromagnetic wave emitted by nine planets influence respective parts in our human body. Thus when any of these energies from planets is deficient in human body, the part governed by those energy will cease to malfunction as a result disease or pain arrives.
For, e.g. The Electromagnetic energy emitted by Sun is what governs our spine, pranic energy, eye sights. If a person has a high amount of Sun e-m exposure than he is supposedly loses his sight or has to wear glasses. Most numerology 1 born’s, 10th or those who have Sun in their ascendant wear glasses at a very young age.
Similarly, when the proportion of e-m energy from moon is increased or decreased, it causes water related problems in our body. Water related diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure are the results of loss of proper balancing of moon energy.
Like this, We are going to see the causes of impotency or lack of male/female fertility and also the solutions to them in the next post.

Pandit. Aradhya
Aradhya Astro-Vision
Bangalore, India


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