Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dates to avoid for Marriage

Greetings From Aradhya Astro-Vision,

Today’s post will feature some important facts about dates which influences the marriage life of a person. Marriage is an important event in one’s life, It not only acts as a legal medium to facilitate human species continuity but also as a prime karmic removal of a person in his life. Saint’s say that ” Marriage is the greatest karma removal factor in ones life” The fate of one’s marriage clearly shows the level of karma one has accumulated in their previous life.
Men of wisdom, thus advocates that marriage is very essential in one’s life. But, sadly, today’s world witness a huge decline in marital bliss and the percentage of couple’s heading towards divorce is increasing constantly.

There are certain dates which should be completely avoided for marriages. The major dates to avoid are 5,14, and 23. These dates should never come in life path as well as date. Also, 7,16 and 25. Life path should not be 7, whereas date can be 7,16 or 25. But even that, it should not be used for person born on 7,16, 25 or having life path 7.
In my numerology analysis experience, 99 out of 100 couple’s, who are both 7 borns, marrying on dates like 7,16 or 25 have been deprived of child birth. Its because, the date 7 consists of electromagnetic wave of Planet Ketu or South Node, and date 16th, the earth receives em waves of Sun, Venus and Ketu, and on 25th its Moon,Mercury and Ketu. In all these three dates, the presence of em waves of Ketu makes a great impact in the chances of progeny for a couple.
As i said in my previous post, each and every planet emits em wave to earth, and the prana we inhale is a mixture of these waves, along with the waves emitted by human beings. The em waves emitted by Ketu is toxic in nature, and it can harm the sexual fertility rate of male and female. Thus, a couple born on 7, when gets married on dates coming 7,16,25 are at the risk of infertility.
Apart from number 7, Number 5 should also be avoided in marriage. Number 5 which is mercury is considered to neutral/Null planet and also said to be eunuch planet in hindu mythology.  Marriage is a bonding and a union of body and soul, thus when couple gets married on dates like 5,14, 23 (most importantly life paths) the marriage become null and void. Thus 99 % of couples getting married on life path 5 tend to divorce or live separately.

Pandit. Aradhya
Aradhya Astro-Vision
Bangalore, India


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